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CSRware® is a cloud-based Corporate Social Responsibility software platform that enables businesses to meet a higher standard of accountability and transparency to overcome today’s most challenging environmental, social and governance issues.


Intuitive Software for Compliance and Reporting

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Monitor and track environmental sustainability data across your organization to accurately measure risk. Quickly report results to maximize performance and make informed decisions.

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Manage vendor engagement through one easy-to-use platform.  Enhance vendor oversight, identify and mitigate risks and generate powerful questionnaire assessments.

Supply Chain, Responsible Procurement, Human Trafficking


Upload CMRT files, consolidate all supplier responses, generate one CMR and fill-out Form SD. Use dashboard analytics to filter smelter lists, benchmark and manage compliance.

Why Take Action Now

Businesses must protect brand equity by having confidence in their Environmental, Social and Governance datasets to accurately report results and to make informed sustainable decisions


Get Ahead of Competitors

Measuring environmental sustainability helps companies meet today’s regulatory and reporting requirements, avoid costly violations, and collect data about their business in an effective way. But that’s not all. CSR software gives organizations a competitive advantage in entering new markets, attracting investment and sharing their results with key stakeholders.

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Enhanced ESG Management

CSRware's reporting tools make it easy to view impacts across your organization to manage corporate initiatives and ESG ratings.

ESG ratings are visible to investors and customers. To improve ESG ratings, corporations are required to publicly report environmental, social and governance activities. CSRware provides the tools to make this information readily available to you.

CSRware Sustainable Supply Chain, Responsible Procurement

Greater Supply Chain Resilience

Build resiliency and drive performance with supply chain management tools that assess, analyze and mange risks associated with global vendors.

Companies can survey suppliers using key performance indicators and metrics to incorporate supply chain analytics into your brand equity scope and corporate wide sustainability initiatives.

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Protect Brand Equity

CSRware aligns marketing programs with CSR, Sustainability and ESG initiatives to protect and enhance brand reputation.

Brand equity is a key factor when consumers, investors and new employees evaluate an organization. Incorporate your ESG / Sustainability grade to assess your corporate sustainability performance.


Manage Risk, Achieve Compliance

Today, companies operate across global markets and in increasingly complex regulatory environments. Avoiding the risk of non-compliance requires a higher standard of accountability and transparency. CSRware offers effective tools that track ESG, GRC, Sustainability and GDPR data to manage corporate compliance, enhance brand equity and reduce risk.

European Commission Directive 2014/95/EU, CSR, Sustainability, Environmental, Social


  • Insights into CSR risk
  • Include in annual reports
  • Manage reporting challenges

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  • Drive sourcing insights
  • Audit-ready scorecards
  • Take corrective actions quickly

CSRware, vendor risk, supply chain compliance, governance, risk, compliance, GRC, ESG


  • Avoid risk and be audit ready
  • Generate CMR & CMRTs
  • Access smelter verification

CSRware, vendor risk, supply chain compliance, governance, risk, compliance, GRC, ESG

26000, 14001, 14004 & 50001

  • Stay compliant & audit ready
  • Comply with EMS requirements
  • Align with ISO industry standards


Your Business Matters to Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and deliver innovative solutions to measure and manage environmental sustainability and responsible sourcing.  CSRware® is committed to driving standards by providing tools to overcome today’s most challenging environmental, social and governance issues.

Why CSRware?

To make informed decisions, you need reliable and accurate data you can easily capture and understand.  Unfortunately, that information doesn’t always exist in one, accessible place. CSRware® centralizes data collection and analyzes it regardless of its source or format.  Our intuitive, cloud-based software replaces complex spreadsheets and allows you to generate immediate insights into compliance, sustainability and risk mitigation.  We help you stay audit ready and avoid risk so that your entire value can succeed.

Some of our Clients

What Our Clients Have to Say

“CSRware provided Bloomberg with a cost-effective, Sustainable Supply Chain software to measure supplier performance & a software platform to aggregate Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) data. CSRware offered exceptional customer service to simplify the deployment of our Environmental Survey to assess our global suppliers.”
Curtis Ravenel, Global Head of Sustainability, Bloomberg
“CSRware makes it possible for us to develop a customized product that allows us to track, measure and report out to our employees and citizens. CSRware has made it possible for us to develop a public facing dashboard to make our progress visible to our employees and citizens. The CSRware Energy & Sustainability Data Management solution allows Charlotte officials to see overall energy consumption and resource usage across multiple facilities and departments in an easy to analyze fashion.”
Rob Phocas, Energy & Sustainability Manager, City of Charlotte, NC
“We needed a software partner to manage our vast sustainability data & to align sustainability goals with our global business strategy. We are happy to have partnered with CSRware to move on this journey through their efficient ESM (Energy & Sustainability Management) and delivering wonderful results.”
Dr. Charu Jain, Global Sustainability for DyStar
“Juniper Networks evaluated a number of Energy & Sustainability software solutions for their global operation. We needed to aggregate data, analyze information and report to the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative. We selected CSRware because it proved to have the best functionality and deepest understanding of corporate sustainability.”
Brad Minnis, Director, Environmental, Health & Safety
“PGA National Resort & Spa is using ESM-Lite to collect, measure and report on energy and sustainability. CSRware understood the unique nature of the hotel business and its fluctuating occupancy levels, and offered a software solution that gave us the data we needed to conduct analysis to improve efficiencies.”
Joel Paige, VP & Managing Director at PGA National Resort and Spa
“The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation required a central database for complete analysis of our energy and sustainability program across all California facilities. CSRware delivers the complete solution for energy and GHG management.”
Jennifer Farrell, State of CA – Energy and Sustainability Team


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