“Coffee, coffee, and more coffee please” is heard often at CSRware HQ. Like so many of you, we feel the coffee love at CSRware. What we love more is seeing how other businesses put their passion for quality, Fair Trade coffee to good use. Because how many of us truly know where the coffee we consume daily comes from? Vega is a coffee company on a mission to change this perception. “Premium coffee that changes lives” is written in big, bold letters on their website. And by changing lives, Vega means a literal overhaul of the coffee supply chain. The problem centers around the many hands that coffee beans go through before reaching the consumer. Just how many again? According to Vega, as many as 20 middlemen may be involved and six months for the coffee to go from farmer to consumer.

Vega has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund an online marketplace that connects coffee farmers to coffee lovers. The Vega Marketplace will highlight farmers from different regions, a coffee bean search feature, and best of all, the opportunity for everyday consumers to directly connect with the farmer who harvested their coffee beans. In Vega’s words, “how cool would it be to message a farmer halfway around the world to let them know what you thought of a particular roast or even just to say ‘hey, thanks, this coffee is awesome?’” The Vega Marketplace is just one aspect of their vision. With the funds from the campaign, Vega plans to design and build inexpensive, reliable roasters that use less fuel; provide training and resources to farmers for this new, disruptive, and sustainable coffee supply chain; and help farmers reap their well-deserved profit without all the middlemen fuss.


We like to think Vega is the definition of the #SocEnt (social entrepreneurship) hashtag, and we encourage you to spread the word on Vega’s mission to change the way we receive our coffee. For more information on Vega Coffee, head to their website http://www.thinkvega.com/ and their Kickstarter Campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vegacoffee/vega-one-of-a-kind-coffee-that-changes-lives  

Editor’s Note: (Did we mention coffee enough times in this article?)