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Human trafficking leads to various forms of Modern Day Slavery and Forced Labor

CSRware® offers a Supply Chain Compliance (SCC) software securing a sustainable supply chain to ensure your company and suppliers meet regulatory compliance.  The solution adds structure and accuracy to your business decision making process.  It drives the transformation of disparate corporate data into measurable results, flags risks and provides a project management approach to corrective actions.

In short, Supply Chain Compliance is at the center of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by driving transparency into human trafficking, slavery, environmental conditions and child labor across your supply chain.


With the CSRware® solution, you can focus on your analytical skill-set which makes you an asset to your organization. Quickly launch out-of-the-box or your own comprehensive supplier questionnaires focused on your industry.  Drive down costs by reducing on-site audits by having key information on-hand to act quickly.  Be ratings ready for EcoVadis by aggregating, analyzing and improving performance before submission of information.


  • Auditors – Reduce visits to supplier factories

  • Risk – Identify suppliers who don’t meet compliance

  • Regulatory transparency – Insight into anti-slavery, human and labor conditions

  • Innovation – Drive improved working conditions, product quality and new materials

  • Competitive – Protect brand, product differentiation and be ahead of audits and competitors


  • Engagement – implement balanced scorecards, discuss gaps, and drive improvement strategies

  • Assessment – evaluate supply chain strategy and initiatives by benchmarking against peers

  • Monitoring – make assessments a regular routine to keep awareness front and center

  • Corrective Actions – create and share corrective actions with suppliers to share successful initiatives

You can now work to analyze risk, compliance and environmental impact and costs with enhanced Data Analytics. With quick access to TOP or BOTTOM performers, create Corrective Action for direct collaboration with the entire supply chain. Engage your suppliers directly with a dedicated supplier portal where you can drive collaboration, store historical documents, open visibility into scoring and benchmarking dashboards.

A Repeatable Process Made Easy

Supply chain, risk, audits, surveys, Human trafficking leads to various forms of Modern Day Slavery and Forced Labor

Other Options:  Example of Supply Chain Scorecard Activity:

Companies like McDonald’s have released Supply Chain Scorecards to track and improve supply chain performance.

McDonald's Environmental Scorecard, Supply chain, risk, audits, human trafficking, anti slavery, regulatory

For more information on how CSRware‘s® SSC software can help you yield accurate, auditable and verifiable assessments of your supply chain’s risk and performance, request a demo and learn how.

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