meditation-workWe’ve all experienced survey fatigue at one time or another. There’s nothing more stressful than not being ready for a deadline and/or running out of gas before the finish line. With numerous people constantly requesting data and information, you probably want to pull your hair out or just stop responding. Are you asking yourself, ‘Where is all the data I need?’ ‘How do I calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission results?’ ‘Are my results accurate?’

These are common questions companies grapple with when putting together information to answer survey questions ranging from electricity usage per product produced, GHG emissions of plants, labor conditions for employees, environmental and conflict minerals risk, and so much more.

We all have to report on these topics, so why the struggle? Why the hair pulling? Fortunately it’s not as bad as you think. By stepping away from Excel, Survey Monkey, or email exchanges, there is a way to organize data from your company and supply chain partners. Think about an easy-to-use web based software. Think about a solution to centralize your data, apply standard metrics, and generate accurate results so survey answers are readily available, and report generation is made easy.

If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, think again. Here are some samples of those who decided to use software to simplify and make these tasks repeatable.

“We needed a software partner to manage our vast sustainability data and to align sustainability goals with our global business strategy. We are happy to have partnered with CSRware to move on this journey through their efficient ESM (Energy & Sustainability Management) and delivering wonderful results.” Dr. Charu Jain, Global Sustainability for DyStar.

“The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation required a centralized software solution to conduct on-going analysis of our energy and sustainability program across all California facilities. In the first year, CSRware was able to uncover over $75,000 in savings by accurately reporting energy mix data. In addition, CSRware delivers the complete solution for energy and GHG management.” Jennifer Farrell, State of CA – Energy and Sustainability Team.

DyStar (a leading provider of products and services for the global textile industry) and the State of California are among numerous companies who have used our software and have shown exceptionally positive results.

We would be interested to learn how you are handling these challenges. Are you grappling with how to find data / collect data from others across your organization? Do you spend too much time trying to verify the data and calculate results? Do you think a CSRware software solution would assist you in addressing these challenges?

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