MIT Club with IBM Moderator Hosts:

Accounting for Sustainability – Serious Management of Carbon, Water, Energy, and Pollution.

There has been an enormous amount of buzz and hype around the topic of “sustainability.” And home-grown solutions that individual organizations have cobbled together are falling by the wayside as a new generation of companies and consultants have come to market with offerings and solutions that promise to help organizations meet their goals for managing carbon emissions and a host of other environmental resources such as water, energy, and pollution. In addition, announcements form Wal*Mart have many product vendors scrambling to understand how they can characterize their products in terms of sustainability, and modify their product development processes to optimize for the future.

But this market is complicated, and the key technical challenges are difficult to understand. So much seems to depend on the vicissitudes of government policy and elections, the vagaries of international commodity prices, and the whimsy of public opinion.

This panel discussion will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, policy experts, and potential customers, and will explore:

  • Where the market opportunity for enterprise resource management is today (and where it is not).
  • The technical architecture and business model options that work well together.
  • How to manage a company in the face of such strong uncontrollable risk factors.
  • How entrepreneurs can still enter this ecosystem and help create great new companies.


  • Matthew Denesuk, Partner, IBM Venture Capital Group


  • Karen Alonardo, CEO of CSRware
  • Amit Chaterjee, CEO of Hara Software
  • Neal Dikeman, CEO of Carbon Flow
  • Gordon Ho, Partner of Cooley
  • Ajit Nazre, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
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