Eric Wesoff (Greentech Media) Panel Moderator on Corporate Energy and Sustainability.

The panel starts by asking “Karen, could you give a summary of what you can give in terms of managing energy and sustainability and tell us if you are trying to replace something?”


Karen Alonardo (CSRware): The idea in 2007 we did not have carbon Chief Sustainability Officers and we really did not focus on carbon, we focused in IT, because that is where my background is. We focused a lot on high tech and figuring out who has a budget, who has real problems and who was dealing with energy issues then. Coming from a data center operations environment, we focused a lot on IT. We still do and we have a lot of metrics and algorithms in our system that will go into a data center/ IT environment and actually help people measure the performance of their equipment against the power that they are pulling into their facility.

We try to take that information and make sense of it and build a financial model around it to help the IT guy, or anybody else in these organizations that have been managing infrastructure, and figure out how to make them more strategic with better tools. This allows them to start talking about ROIs and justifying business cases so that they can initiate and implement energy efficient solutions. At this point in time, we focus a lot on the sustainability team. It is merging a little bit with IT, environmental health and safety, and sustainability and it is a whole slew of departments that are getting involved. We like to think of CSRware as the aggregate intelligence that helps you in resource management. We are really about sustainability and resource management and we continue to do that.

CARBON: THE NEW CURRENCY Eric Wesoff (Greentech Media): Where are you in terms of carbon?
Karen Alonardo (CSRware): I want to add that what CSRware is doing today is creating the assets. So we are creating an accounting system that is creating the assets that, if over time there is some cap-n-trade or some regulatory environment, our customers are well prepared to drive revenue from those assets.

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