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Environmental Sustainability Management

Environmental Sustainability Software powered by CSRware

CSRware’s Supply Chain & Environmental Sustainability Management:

  • Streamlines Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Reporting and Environmental Compliance
  • Quickly pull data together on your supply chain to release to your customers
  • Easily generate supply chain conflict minerals reporting information
  • Make your annual requests for information repeatable

Here’s what you get…Enterprise-Class Solution:

  • User-friendly – simple supply chain and Energy Sustainability Management
  • Frameworks – CDP, DJSI, GRI & SASB reporting
  • Dashboard – easily review results using analytical dashboards
  • Automate – GHG Protocol calculations and emission factors
  • Reporting – out-of-the-box or customized report generation
  • Audit – prepare for 3rd party audits on supply chain activities

Plus…CSRware handles these areas for you:

  • Data integrity  – No more Excel management
  • GHG calculations – Global greenhouse gas totals
  • Reports – Enabling reports to be output in various formats
  • Analytical dashboards – Unique data visibility
  • Data templates – Simple qualitative and quantitative views
  • Removal of Excel spreadsheet with one platform solution
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