IT Solutions for Improved Corporate Sustainability: Managing Energy

Date: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010, 8:30am – 11:30am
Location: Palo Alto
Format: Panel discussion with moderator and 50 selected attendees


All signs (financial, environmental, etc.) point towards increasing corporate sustainability. How can organizations adapt IT solutions to increase their energy and data efficiency? This seminar will be in two parts- a spotlight on technologies/solutions, including energy managing software and data efficiency solutions, and strategies for implementing energy reducing solutions into an organization.


This seminar is for enterprise sustainability solutions companies (monitoring energy efficiency, data efficiency) and companies working towards a fitter corporate metabolism.


08:30am               Reception, Networking and Continental Breakfast


09:00am               Panel Discussion Begins


1. Managing Corporate Energy Consumption and Carbon Impact: a Technological Spotlight with Applications


  • Integration of IT solutions into corporate operations, supply chains, product design and quality, and manufacturing
  • From tracking to change: how energy monitoring technologies lead to corporate energy efficiency improvement (revealing the weak energy links, increased visibility/awareness)?


2. Data/IT-Specific Energy Efficiency Improvements: a Technological Spotlight with Applications


  • Integrating energy-efficient software applications into a company’s virtual infrastructure
  • The promise of automation (sleep-state networking, etc.)
  • Upgrading/replacing hardware
  • Improving the efficiency of data servers and storage within an organization
  • Consolidating or decommissioning underused devices and/or applications


3. Implementation Strategies for an Organization


  • Individual modifications vs. system overhauls
  • Applying ready-made/external solutions vs. upgrading from within (developing internal solutions)?
  • Education and training for new/improved systems


4. Assessing the ROI 


  • Do these solutions pay for themselves over the long-term? What is the time-frame?
  • Case examples


5. Complying with Regulations


  • Energy star and energy efficiency guidelines
  • Carbon efficiency trading organizations


6. Looking Ahead


  • What technologies and new applications are on the horizon?
  • Market trends and projections
  • Will energy efficiency managing software become inextricably linked and ingrained in the organization? What will this look like?
  • Will investor’s assessment of companies be contingent on their energy efficiency IQ? 




EnerNOC, TJ Glauthier, Board of Directors, Former Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the US Department of Energy


Hara, Michel Gelobter, Chief Green Officer


CSRWare, Karen Alonardo, Founder/CEO


Scientific Conservation, David Wolins, Co-Founder


Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers (KPCP), Amol Deshpande, Partner






Greentech Media, Eric Wesoff, Senior Analyst