CSR and Sustainability Reporting made easy with data management for SASB, DJSI, GRI, CDP and/or customer surveys WITHOUT customization and complex software. Be ratings ready for EcoVadis or CSRHub.  Limit data aggregation with verified ESG results. The Sustainability Reporting module powered by CSRware® is intuitive and keeps your information fresh and in one place. Access key information you care about across your organization on one software platform.


With the Sustainability Reporting software, you can keep it simple. NO complex software to manage, accessible to the entire organization and makes data management an intuitive experience. We offer support for:

  • CSR and Sustainability Reporting Frameworks
  • Executive Level Dashboard Metric Visibility
  • Transparent Public Facing Dashboards
  • Document Vault to Store Critical or Historical documents

You can now stop trying to figure out where your data lives, who has it and in what format. We take the complication out of CSR / sustainability management.

To do your job well, you need accurate information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives in an ever-increasing mess of fragmented spreadsheets, databases and other applications.  We bring it together for you. 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is now available using a simple workflow process. Easily assign key contributors, pull your data together in one location, generate CSR and Sustainability reporting results you need for Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and all the other surveys from customers.

Get started with easy, intuitive software to manage your programs. The Sustainability Reporting module enables you to analyze non-financial data easily and accurately for CSR and Sustainability with dynamic dashboards and reporting.
CSR and Sustainability Reporting requires key information from your entire organization. CSRware makes the data collection, applying key performance indicators and presenting results to report to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) or other standards accurate and seamless.
As your business grows, so do your responsibilities for tracking, analyzing and reporting on natural resource consumption, costs and greenhouse gas (GHG & CO2) emissions. Traditional manual approaches to carrying out those tasks do not scale to meet your evolving needs.

CSR and Sustainability Reporting Features:

  • Automate quantitative calculations
  • Assign tasks with due dates
  • Global currency and unit conversions
  • Global greenhouse gas emission factors
  • Environmental & social metrics
  • Dashboard filtering and drill-down to each section
  • Out-of-the-box or custom reporting
  • Track & calculate Freight GHG emissions

Highlight your energy mix and GHG (greenhouse gas) emission calculations to see how it impacts your Environmental Sustainability Initiatives. Drill into Scope 1 (Indirect- Purchased electricity for your own use), Scope 2 (Direct – Company owned vehicles or fuel combustion) and Scope 3 (Indirect – Supply Chain, business travel) to quickly see your biggest impacts and opportunities.

For managing Environmental Sustainability documents, policies, Code of Conduct or other documents relevant to your program the Compliance Document Vault stores regulatory documents allowing you to share them with assigned individuals. You can now upload and share documents with your entire team or auditors. Be prepared for audits or collaborate on your internal code of conduct policies or other documents important to your organization.

Compliance Document Vault Features:

  • Access archived documents
  • Unified document sharing and storage
  • Roles-based access to stored documents
  • Store invoices for auditing
  • Supports growth of storage capacity

As an add-on feature on the CSRware® platform, The Compliance Document Vault eliminates the need to maintain dedicated data center servers for archiving your data or the need for public DropBox. With our cloud-based offering, you can spend dramatically less on storage, hardware, data center management and software licensing.

“The City of Charlotte is one of the top ten places to live and CSRware helps make it so we keep this title. CSRware has tailored a program to help us track our environmental impacts, including electricity, natural gas, and water consumption. CSRware makes it possible for us to develop a customized product that allows us to track, measure and report out to our employes and citizens.”
Robert Phocas, City of Charlotte
“PGA National Resort & Spa is using ESM-Lite to collect, measure and report on energy and sustainability. CSRware understood the unique nature of the hotel business and its fluctuating occupancy levels, and offered a software solution that gave us the data we needed to conduct analysis to improve efficiencies.”
Joel Paige, Vice President, PGA National Resort & Spa
“Juniper Networks evaluated a number of Energy & Sustainability software solutions for their global operation. We needed to aggregate data, analyze information and report to the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative. We selected CSRware because it proved to have the best functionality and deepest understanding of corporate sustainability.”
Brad Minnis, Jupiter Networks
“The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation required a central database for complete analysis of our energy and sustainability program across all California facilities. CSRware delivers the complete solution for energy and GHG management.”
Jennifer Farrell, State of California
“CSRware provided Bloomberg with a cost-effective, On-Demand Sustainable Supply Chain software to measure supplier performance. In addition, CSRware developed a software platform to aggregate Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) data. CSRware offered exceptional customer service to simplify the deployment of our Environmental Performance Survey to assess our global suppliers.”
Curtis Ravenel, Bloomberg
“We needed a software partner to manage our vast sustainability data & to align sustainability goals with our global business strategy. We are happy to have partnered with CSRware to move on this journey through their efficient ESM (Energy & Sustainability Management) and delivering wonderful results.”
Dr. Charu Jain, DyStar