CNBC | 09 Jul 2009 Software Giants Rush to Cash In on Carbon Counting – List includes CSRware

Like many markets expected to grow quickly to maturity, in the end big players will dominate and niche players will survive and thrive, with the middle tier getting run over. So many ECA software makers are pointing out their differentiation now, to avoid the Microsoft or SAP steamroller while racking up clients. Some focus on broader corporate sustainability goals that go beyond just tracking emissions.

“Once you really dig, you’ll see a very, very large difference (between ECA packages) because the market is so convoluted,” says Karen Alonardo, founder of San Francisco’s CSRware. Her firm’s package focuses on energy, solid waste, water management and “green” IT, and they’ve garnered clients like Bloomberg and VMware

[VMW 28.60 0.34 (+1.2%) ]. Reducing carbon emissions becomes a byproduct of using their system, she says, instead of the primary goal. “I personally don’t think carbon is separate.” While CSRware works towards aligning a client’s consumption patterns with their sustainability goals, in today’s economic climate, the bottom line is always an issue, so they want products like CSRware as an audit to see where savings can be found. “Everyone asks. ‘Who is the target?’” says Alonardo, referring to potential clients. “There could be up to 20 titles – chief sustainability officers, chief operating officers – but every company out there wants to save money.”

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