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AltaTerra Interviews CSRware on the “Zen and the Art of Data Center Greening” REVISED: Visit to CSRware Posted By Zen Kishimoto, Monday, July 27, 2009 I thought, What’s the big deal about CSRware? Collecting and aggregating energy consumption data from multiple sources to display in a dashboard did not seem like a big deal to me because I [...]


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GreenTech Enterprise | 03 Jun 2009 – “Carbon Accounting: It’s All About Appearances” The report found that the market for carbon accounting software in the United States today is a relatively paltry $10 million or so, although it’s expected to double annually over the coming years, said Paul Baier, vice president of consulting for Groom [...]


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CSRware Selected Out of 400 Companies to Present at Launch Silicon Valley, June 2009 Launch: Silicon Valley 2009, co-presented by SVASE, Garage Technology Ventures and Microsoft, provides an effective and cost efficient platform for the next generation of emerging technology companies to launch their products to the world, in front of an audience of Silicon [...]


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March, 2009 – Green California Summit & Exposition After kicking off the first Green California Summit & Exposition, CSRware joined the many “green” vendors this year to promote products and services to help drive the California new energy economy. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger participates and discussed how CSRware would assist California meet carbon reduction goals.


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Greentechmedia Reports on:  Will Energy Accelerate the Computer Refresh Cycle? Server makers have struggled for years to get IT managers to upgrade their hardware faster. Energy prices might do the trick. Michael Kanellos May 26, 2009 Live fast. Die young. It’s become the informal motto of mosquitoes and hair band drummers appears to becoming a [...]


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Financial Times Reports on Sustainability: Market increases focus on good corporate citizenship By Jessica Twentyman In early October, members of the European Parliament’s environment committee voted overwhelmingly in favour of changes to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, which would impose on member states a requirement to collect 85 per cent of the e-waste [...]


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eWeek Interviews CSRware, CEO on innovating a SAAS-based applications that help enterprises track their environmental footprints. While green IT is gaining a lot of attention and investment in the high-tech industry, the related concept of corporate social responsibility has only been tackled by a few of the largest software developers in the business. But now [...]


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451 Group Selects CSRware emerges from stealth, targets eco-efficient IT with cloud-based application to present at the Innovators Showcase. The software, delivered as a service, includes three modules: The Corporate Sustainability software, which covers eco-efficient IT and greenhouse gas reporting; the Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESM), which is used to benchmark, quantify and monitor initiatives; and [...]


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The 451 Group Presents:  Eco-Efficient IT: Policy, Leglislation and Compliance “The impact of environmental and energy policy on enterprise IT, 2008-2012 Governments seeking to address climate change and energy security are looking for opportunities to dramatically improve energy efficiency. They are aware that corporate IT is a huge consumer of electricity and a powerful force [...]